2019 New Holland Agriculture BC5000 Small Square Baler BC5050

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New Holland Agriculture
BC5000 Small Square Baler BC5050



  • Reliable, Hard-Working Balers: Operators who custom bale, especially for horse farms, are big fans of New Holland square balers. New Holland bales are the only choice for hand-feeding because they quickly separate into flakes. Professionals put their trust in BC5000 model balers because they make consistently dense, well-shaped bales that are easy to handle.
BC5000 Series Improvement Features
  • Improvements To Make You More Productive: New Holland has made many improvements to the BC5000 Series square balers from our last generation of balers. Most refine existing features, to make them more convenient or even more durable.
  • More Durability On All Models: Building in more strength and durability is one way New Holland has improved this already top-of-line baler. New improvements include: • Reinforced tension rail anchor support • Convex slide block for longer wear and improved plunger performance • Haydog spring mount reinforcement for improved durability
  • Refined Design and More Convenience: Adding more conveniences also improves productivity: • Flip-up shield over main gearbox improves serviceability • Redesigned knotter gear drive provides easier pickup belt service • Easier access to the plunger bearing and cam for inspection and adjustment • New hydraulic hose storage slots in the power pivot shield • New optional halogen work lights for improved visibility • New optional roading light kit for states requiring them
Pickup Features
  • Maximum Efficienty At The Pickup: The most efficient baler leaves no crop behind in the field, and that’s what the SuperSweep™ pickup and a host of other features ensure on the BC5000 Series balers. Wider pickups and attention to every detail—down to the curve of the tines—makes the difference in productivity at the front-end of these machines.
  • SuperSweep Is Wider, Smoother, Faster: All BC5000 balers feature the wide SuperSweep pickup to get every bit of the crop. The BC5050 and BC5060 have a 65-in. pickup, or 70-in. pickup with the flare. The pickup for the BC5070 and BC5080 measures 75 in., or 80 in. with the flare. Greater width, combined with the exclusive tine action makes for a fast, efficient start for the bale.
  • Tines Improve Crop-Feeding Action: Multiple rows of teeth work between narrow flanged guards on the SuperSweep to capture the most stems and leaves. Pickup teeth, made of durable music wire, are curved to gather more crop than traditional straight teeth. Special guards help protect tines from damage.
  • Easy Adjustment For The Field or Road: Manually raise and latch the pickup into transport position. An optional lift aids in raising and lowering the pickup as needed to adjust it for differing terrain, without leaving the tractor seat. Gauge wheels are adjustable to five positions and keep the pickup running smoothly across uneven fields.
Feeding System Features
  • Uniform Feeding For Quality Bales: High-capacity New Holland feeding systems are a big reason the BC5000 Series balers deliver consistently high-quality bales. The award-winning rotary feeder design is standard on the BC5060, BC5070 and BC5080, while the proven FlowAction® feeder comes on the BC5050. Both systems can be adjusted to match the crop conditions—from delicate alfalfa to thick grass hay to slick straw.
  • Simple, Effective Rotary Feeding System: Recognized by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers for excellence in engineering innovation and design, the rotary feeding system is mechanically simple, consisting of heavy-duty, paired rotating tines and a feeder fork. It keeps material flowing evenly into the bale chamber by allowing the tines to overlap for smooth, continuous crop movement.
  • Time-Proven Flow-Action Feeder: The BC5050 features the Flow-Action feeding system that uses six feeder tines mounted on a long feeder bar, which runs on sealed roller bearings for quiet, friction-free operation. The tines measure just the right amount of crop and gently move it to the bale chamber so leaves don’t shatter. Two sets of tines are adjustable to handle difficult crops.
Models BC5050 and BC5060 Features
  • Perfect Match For Most Farms: The two smaller models in the series-the BC5050 and BC5060-offer easy operation and sizeable capacity to meet the needs of most farms. Both feature 65-in.-wide SuperSweep™ pickups and a 283-sq.-in. feed opening, and produce 14- x 18-in.-size bales.
  • BC5050 - Economical and Durable: The BC5050 is an economical and durable baler for smaller operations. The low 35-PTO-hp requirement and a Class 4 driveline allow the baler to be pulled by a compact tractor. The exclusive Flow-Action® feeder system makes solid bales and provides trouble-free operation.
Model 72 Bale Thrower Features
  • Bale Thrower Saves Time and Labor In The Field: Completely fill even the largest wagons without picking up the bales by hand. Compatible with BC5050, BC5060, and BC5070 balers. A bale thrower increases productivity in the field and reduces the labor required to put up your hay. The bale thrower easily handles 38 in. long bales up to 65 pounds. Due to the extended bale case the model 72 Bale thrower is NOT compatible with model BC5070 Hayliner™ balers.
  • Controls For Speed and Distance: Know at a glance how far bales are thrown with the distance indicator. A tractor-mounted distance control toggle switch makes it easy to change the throwing speed to alter distance. You can also change the direction of the thrower up to 30 degrees to the right or left.
  • Built For The Long Haul: Strong, durable diamond-tread belts on the thrower chute provide reliable performance. A wagon hitch attaches to the baler axles to keep towing stresses where they belong. It adjusts to narrow row width for easy transport.
Bale Size
  • Cross section: 14 x 18 in. (36 x 46 cm)
  • Length: Adjustable, 12 to 52 in. (31 to 132 cm)
Supersweep™ Pickup
  • Width inside: 65 in. (1.65 m)
  • Width on flare: 70 in. (1.8 m)
  • Number of tines: 88
  • Number of tine bars: 4
  • Floating Windguard: Eight rods
  • Drive: V-belt to roller chain to “lost motion" reel drive
  • Gauge Wheel: 3.00 x 12; semi-pneumatic
  • Hydraulic Pickup Lift: Optional
Bale Chamber
  • Feeding System: Flow-Action® Feeder
  • Feed Opening: 283 sq. in. (1826 sq. cm)
  • Standard Density System: Adjustable springs & tension doors
  • Bale Case: Standard-Duty
  • Stroke length: 30 in. (76.2 cm)
  • Speed (540 rpm): 79 SPM
  • Material: High Strength Steel
  • Plunger Rail: Standard-Duty
Tying Mechanisms
  • Twine knotter: Standard-Duty
  • Billhook: Standard
  • Protection: Shearbolt
  • Twine capacity: 4-Twine Ball
Main Drive
  • Flywheel weight: 248 lb (112 kg)
  • PTO: Power-Pivot, Three-joint PTO
  • PTO Category: Cat. 4
  • Protection: Shearbolt, overrunning and slip clutches
  • Gearbox: Heat-treated hypoid gears on tapered roller bearings running in an oil bath
Flotation Tires
  • Right side: 25x7.50-15, 6PR
  • Left side: 27x9.50-15, 6PR
Model 72 Bale Thrower
  • Compatible: YES
  • Height (max.): 58 in. (146 cm)
  • Width: 108 in. (275 cm)
  • Length (transport less chute): 198 in. (502 cm)
  • Weight (twine): 3,085 lb (1399 kg)
Tractor Requirement
  • Minimum horsepower: 35 hp (26 kW)
  • Minimum weight: Tractor weight must be greater than baler weight; excludes bale thrower



198 in. (502 cm)
108 in. (275 cm)
58 in. (146 cm)
3,085 lb (1399 kg)


Recommended HP
35 hp (26 kW)

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