2019 Kuhn SW 14 Series (SW 1114 C)

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SW 14 Series (SW 1114 C)



Fast and Reliable Wrapping

The KUHN SW 14 Series bale wrappers can wrap large square bales or round bales for maximum versatility. Mounted or trailed models are available, and can be manually or computer controlled, to best meet your operation's needs.

KUHN SW 14 Series bale wrappers can wrap large square bales, 2x3 or 3x3 (80x60-90 cm), up to 6' (180 cm) in length, and round bales up to 5' (150 cm) in diameter. KUHN wrappers rotate bales evenly for exact film overlap, and consistently and tightly wrapped bales. Choose from two different control systems, manual or computer controlled, to best suit your personal preference. The pre-stretchers, film cutters, wrapping table and low-profile chassis design make KUHN bale wrappers simple, easy-to-use, fast and efficient. KUHN bale wrappers, designed with you in mind, provide reliable performance to ensure optimum forage quality throughout the storage period.

The KUHN SW 1114 is a 3-point mounted, quick-hitch compatible model ideal for “wrap and stack" operations in the field or in the yard. Wrapping at the storage site means less risk of film damage and can be done by a one-man operation. The wrapper can be operated from a loader while using a power pack or second tractor for the oil- and power supply due to the standard RF remote control.

The KUHN SW 1614 is a trailed, self-loading bale wrapper suited perfectly for operations where high capacity and high efficiency are required. The automatic parallel loading arm, with standard round bale kit, ensures gentle, on-the-move bale loading in all weather conditions. Due to its unique low-profile chassis design with wide track wheels a second bale can be carried during wrapping to increase overall efficiency.

  • Large square bale size - width x height x length: 2x3 or 3x3 bales up to 6' long (0.6x0.9 or 0.9x0.9 m bales up to 1.8 m long)
  • Round bale size - width x diameter: (4-5)' x (3-5)' ((1.2 - 1.5 m) x (0.9 - 1.5 m))
  • Maximum bale weight: 2,650 lb. (1,202 kg)
  • Transport width: 9'5" (2.9 m)
  • Hitch: Cat. 2 (NEW: quick hitch compatible as standard)
  • Loading system: Non self-loading
  • Ability to wrap round bales: Standard
  • Wrapping table: Adjustable twin roller pair configuraiton
  • Bale support roller: 2 adjustable rollers
  • Control: (C) Computer controlled
  • RF remote control (rechargeable): Standard
  • Fully automatic film cutter: Standard hydraulic
  • Film pre-stretcher: Standard 30" (46 cm) - optional 20" (51 cm)
  • Pre-stretch ratio: Approximately 70% standard - 60% optional
  • Required tractor hydraulic connections: 1 SA with free return or 1 DA
  • Output and pressure required: 7 gpm at 2,200 psi
  • Road lights and signaling: Optional with trailer kit
  • Machine net weight: 2,250 lb. (1,021 kg)



9 ft. 5 in. (2.9 m)
2,250 lb. (1,021 kg)


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