2019 Great Plains CTA-4500HD

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Great Plains



40' & 45' Min-Till

Featuring large central-fill hoppers, Great Plains Air Drills increase efficiency by covering more acres in a day than a box drill of equal width. Delivering 40' and 45' of working width, the CTA-4000 and CTA-4500 provide high efficiency with minimal cost per acre.

Each of these implements comes equipped with either standard 00 Series openers or 00HD heavy-duty openers. The 00HD option features 15", 4mm-thick disc blades, along with a cast blade separator and full-length seed tube to accurately place seed. 00HD openers feature a 30% stronger spring, providing up to 245 lbs. of penetration force that allows for operation in minimum-till and light no-till conditions. An 18-position press wheel with T-handle depth control ensures accurate seeding depth and closing of the seed trench.

  • Wheel Track Removal: CTA implement models have an extra opener mounting position to lower the openers that are directly behind tractor tire tracks, ensuring proper seed placement and depth control.
  • Large Capacity on Dual-Bin Carts: A split-bin design allows easy access when filling either the two 110 bu. steel hoppers or two 175 bu. poly hoppers. Fill one hopper with fertilizer and one with seed, or fill both with seed or both with fertilizer. An auger system will also empty the bins.
  • Distribution Towers: Dimpled distribution towers and transition cone divide seed equally for excellent seed distribution across the entire drill.
  • Constant Hydraulic Down Pressure: Active hydraulics optimize seed placement by keeping openers in uniform contact with soil. Down pressure is applied independently at both ends of the subframe, maximizing opener ground-hugging capabilities in uneven conditions.
Model Info
  • Model: CTA-4500HD
  • Type: Air Drill
  • Primary Design: Min-Till to No-Till
  • Row Spacings: 6", 7.5", 10"
  • Number Of Openers: 80 - 6", 65 - 7.5", 50 - 10"
  • Tire Size: Center: (8) 12Lx15 Load F Wings: (4) 11Lx15
  • H.P. Requirements (Min): 300+
  • Weight (Approx. Range): 18,048-20,553 lbs
  • Working Width: 45'
  • Width (Transport): 20'
  • Length (Transport): 11' 6" from cart mount to machine rear
  • Clearance (Transport): 11"
  • Height (Transport): 14' (w/ 2220)
  • Opener Series: 00HD Series
  • Main Box Capacity: Depends on Cart
  • Fertilizer: Depends on Cart



Row Count
80 - 6 in., 65 - 7.5 in., 50 - 10 in.
45 ft.
Seed Box Capacity
Depends on Cart
Empty Weight
18048-20553 lb.


11 ft. 6 in.
20 ft.
14 ft. (w/ 2220)

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