2019 Great Plains 2551SC

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Seedbed Perfection

Combine a Precision Seedbed Conditioner with a Great Plains Field Cultivator to firm the soil, reduce air pockets, incorporate chemicals, break up surface clods, knock soil off root crowns, and prevent wind and water erosion—all in one pass. It places the finer particles of soil in the planting zone, allowing perfect seed-to-soil contact to boost crop emergence. A heavy-duty design offers up to 150 pounds of weight per foot for increased clod and root ball breakage.

All of the Seedbed Conditioner’s reel sections overlap for superior finish with no streaking. Wings flex up and down 15° for superior ground-following abilities, and hitch length and width adjust to match the host machine for optimal turning radius and edge feathering. Optional hydraulic weight transfer assures even weight across all sections in rolling terrain. For ease of operation, one hydraulic circuit controls lifting, folding, and weight transfer.

  • Spring-Cushioned Reels: Provide maintenance-free pivot points.
  • Single Hydraulic Circuit: Unit can be lifted and folded with one SCV control. Allows for unit to be pulled behind other tillage implements.
  • Optional Hydraulic Weight Transfer: Allows weight to be transferred from the center of the machine to the wings, providing an even, level finish over rolling terrain.
  • Heavy-Duty Reels: Heavy-duty 16" diameter reels with 1" rods are designed to stand up to even the largest rocks while still busting clods and leaving a perfect seedbed.
  • Triple-Lip Sealed Bearings: Two heavy-duty, triple-lip-sealed bearings on every reel.
  • Heavy-Duty Frame: Heavy-duty design allows for up to 150 lbs. per ft. of weight for increased clod and root ball breakage.
  • Adjustable Rollers to Change Width: Allow the conditioner to be widened beyond the width of the leading tillage implement without leaving a streak between reels.
  • Tires: 11Lx15 12-ply (2) or 9.5Lx15 12-ply (4)
  • Weight (Approx. Lbs): 8,670
  • Tillage Width: 50'
  • Transport Width: 17' 6"
  • Transport Height: 15' 3"
Tillage Info
  • Center Section: 12'
  • 1st Wing Section: 10' 6"
  • 2nd Wing Section: 8' 6"
  • No. Of Baskets: 10



Working Width
50 ft.
8,670 lb.

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